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Custer on Canvas

The 1876 events known as Custer’s Last Stand, Battle of Little Big Horn, or Battle of Greasy Grass have been represented over 1000 times in various artistic media, from paintings to sculpture to fast food giveaways. Norman Denzin shows how these representations demonstrate the changing perceptions―often racist―of Native America by the majority culture, juxtaposed against very different readings shown in works composed by Native Ameri...

Revisiting Symbolic Interaction in Music Studies and New Interpretive Works

This volume addresses the perceived gap between symbolic interaction and ethnomusicological approaches to the study of music. It seeks to bring the fields closer by highlighting some of the complementary theoretical constructs of phenomenology and symbolic interaction as they relate to music studies. The papers, presented at the 2012 Couch-Stone Symposium, work toward this reconciliation by applying the lens of symbolic interaction t...

Blue-Ribbon Papers: Behind the Professional Mask

Volume 38 of Studies in Symbolic Interaction is devoted exclusively to the Blue Ribbon Papers Series, which is under the intellectual leadership of Lonnie Athens. In this issue, Athens presents the autobiographies of scholars who have made significant contributions to symbolic interactionist approach, over both the 20th and 21st centuries, including David Altheide, Paul Atkinson, Kathy Chamaraz, Adele Clarke, Gary Cook, Carolyn Ellis...