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Contemporary Debates in Metaphysics

5bdb8faea2d54.jpeg Author Dean W. Zimmerman, John Hawthorne, and Theodore Sider
Isbn 9781405112284
File size 1.3MB
Year 2007
Pages 416
Language English
File format PDF
Category Philosophy

Book Description:

In a series of thought-provoking and original essays, eighteen leading philosophers engage in head-to-head debates of nine of the most cutting edge topics in contemporary metaphysics.

• Explores the fundamental questions in contemporary metaphysics in a series of eighteen original essays - 16 of which are newly commissioned for this volume
• Features an introductory essay by the editors on the nature of metaphysics to prepare the reader for ongoing discussions
• Offers readers the unique opportunity to observe leading philosophers engage in head-to-head debate on cutting-edge metaphysical topics
• Provides valuable insights into the flourishing field of contemporary metaphysics



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