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Founder of Modern Economics: Paul A. Samuelson: Volume 1

Paul Samuelson was at the heart of a revolution in economics. He was "the foremost academic economist of the 20th century," according to the New York Times, and the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Economics. His work transformed the field of economics and helped give it the theoretical and mathematic rigor that increased its influence in business and policy making. In Founder of Modern Economics, Roger E. Backhouse explores ...

Economies and Cultures

This synthesis of modern economic anthropology goes to the heart of a thriving subdiscipline and identifies the fundamental practical and theoretical problems that give economic anthropology its unique strengths and vision. More than any other anthropological subdiscipline, economic anthropology constantly questions and debates the practical motives of people as they go about their daily lives. Tracing the history of the dialogue bet...

Introduction to Hospitality, 7th edition

Prepare students to succeed in any area of the hospitality industry Introduction to Hospitality, Seventh Edition, focuses on hospitality operations while offering a broad, comprehensive view of the world’s largest industry. The text is organized into four sections: hospitality and lodging; beverages, restaurants, and managed services; tourism, recreation, attractions, clubs, and gaming; and assemblies, events, attractions, leadership...

Investment Banking For Dummies

Enrich your career with a review of investment banking basics One of the most lucrative fields in business, investment banking frequently perplexes even banking professionals working within its complex laws. Investment Banking For Dummies remedies common misconceptions with a straightforward assessment of banking fundamentals. Written by experts in stock market proceedings, this book runs parallel to an introductory course in investm...

Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches, Eighth Edition

Written in non-technical, everyday language that is accessible to the undergraduate audience, and requiring no background in economic analysis, this acclaimed text provides a unique approach to understanding what the practice of economics is all about. The authors address fourteen current economic issues, covering both micro- and macro-economics, and offer analyses and proposed solutions for each from Conservative, Liberal, and Radic...

Sustainability Matters: Environmental And Climate Changes In The Asia-Pacific

Sustainability Matters is a compilation of some of the best research papers by students from the National University of Singapore's multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary graduate programme in environmental studies, the M.Sc. in Environmental Management [MEM]. This collection is for the period 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. Entitled Sustainability Matters: Environmental and Climate Changes in the Asia-Pacific, this is the fifth compilat...

From Trade Surplus To The Dispute Over The Exchange Rate

Since 2005, China has been accused of causing the trade deficit and manipulating the exchange rate. At the same time, there have been arguments against the Rmb appreciation. The reason for this conflict is the lack of quantitative research or elaboration on many extremely important indicators. To correctly describe the industrial chain and value-added process around the world, it is necessary to identify data by using new methods and...

The European Banking Union: Supervision and Resolution

The 2008 financial crisis all but brought down the financial system and real economies of industrial countries. The Banking Union took a broad approach to resolve the structural fragmentation and distortions in the European banking system which were major obstacles to a working single market for financial services. This book examines the numerous changes happening to European legislations for the prevention and management of banking ...

Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow

Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow reveals how strong branding creates awareness, provides authentic value, motivates others to act, and builds long-term customer loyalty based on trust and respect. Author Libby Gill helps businesses define and articulate their unique brand promise by exploring case studies and client success stories to help readers master the Six Core Mindshare Methods, including concepts to Clar...

Flexirente: Die neuen Regelungen des Rentengesetzes 2017

Zum 1. Juli wird das Gesetz zur Flexirente in Kraft treten. Es soll flexiblere Übergänge vom Erwerbsleben in den Ruhestand ermöglichen. Wollen Sie z. B. früher in Rente gehen, können Sie künftig schon ab 50 die zu erwartenden Rentenabschläge durch Zahlung von Beiträgen ausgleichen. So bekommen Sie später die vollen Rentenbezüge, obwohl Sie früher in Rente gehen. Durch die aktuelle Niedrigzinsphase lohnt sich diese Art der Geldanlage....