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Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory and Practice

The book is concerned with narrative in digital media that changes according to user input―Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN). It provides a broad overview of current issues and future directions in this multi-disciplinary field that includes humanities-based and computational perspectives. It assembles the voices of leading researchers and practitioners like Janet Murray, Marie-Laure Ryan, Scott Rettberg and Martin Rieser. In three...

The Campaign for Kharkov: October 1941

The Campaign for Kharkov contains two pint sized campaigns. One covers the advance of the German 57th Infantry Division and the other the German 101st Light Division. The attack came in October of 1941. This city would be the site of three major battles for the city. The interesting aspect of the October 1941 battle is in the nature of the troops involved. The Soviets had superiority in armor. The Germans advanced with only a single ...

Regional Innovation Systems and Sustainable Development

The regional development of society and economy are closely related with innovative capacities.  As the benefits of Regional information systems in establishing innovative regional planning are more widely recognized, there is a greater demand for a definitive text on the nascent subject. Regional Innovation Systems and Sustainable Development: Emerging Technologies promotes scientific discussion on standards and practices of regiona...

Performativitet: Teoretiska tillämpningar i konstvetenskap: 1 (Swedish Edition)

Vad betyder performativitet? Och vad innebär det att tala om något som performativt? Den här läroboken vill klargöra och kritiskt belysa ett viktigt men ibland svårfångat begrepp. Bokens bidrag tar upp konkreta tolkningssituationer och visar på direkta tillämpningar av begreppet. Genom att lyfta fram konstverk och andra bilder från olika historiska perioder och sammanhang visar vi hur performativitet är ett mångsidigt och användbart ...

Dancers as Diplomats: American Choreography in Cultural Exchange

Dancers as Diplomats chronicles the role of dance and dancers in American cultural diplomacy. In the early decades of the Cold War and the twenty-first century, American dancers toured the globe on tours sponsored by the US State Department. Dancers as Diplomats tells the story of how these tours shaped and some times re-imagined ideas of the United States in unexpected, often sensational circumstances-pirouetting in Moscow as the Cu...

Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow

Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow reveals how strong branding creates awareness, provides authentic value, motivates others to act, and builds long-term customer loyalty based on trust and respect. Author Libby Gill helps businesses define and articulate their unique brand promise by exploring case studies and client success stories to help readers master the Six Core Mindshare Methods, including concepts to Clar...

Modern European Criticism and Theory: A Critical Guide

Modern European Criticism and Theory offers the reader a comprehensive critical overview of the widespread and profound contest of ideas within European 'theory'. The book focuses primarily on the thought of major voices in poetics, philosophy, linguistics, and psychoanalysis, as well as in literary and cultural studies from the Enlightenment to the present day. Examining how conceptions of subjectivity, identity and gender have been...

Landschaftsgestaltung MIBAkompakt. Basiswissen und Praxistipps für Modellbahner (2017)

Die Ausgestaltung der Miniatur-Landschaft gehört zu den beliebtesten, vielseitigsten und auch zu den anspruchvollsten Betätigungsfeldern der Modellbahner: Dieser Sammelband widmet sich dem kompletten Spektrum der Landschaftsbau-Themen. Schritt für Schritt zeigen die MIBA-Autoren, wie das Gelände begrast und der Bahndamm begrünt wird, wie Bäume im Selbstbau entstehen oder ganze Wälder gepflanzt werden, wo filigrane Einzelpflanzen für ...

Csound Power!

Csound, a free, cross-platform, do-it-yourself software solution for sound synthesis and music production, has been growing in power for more than 25 years. Getting started with this highly sophisticated system can be a bit daunting for new users. But once you've mastered the basic concepts, using Csound is nearly as easy as plugging patch cords into a modular synthesizer. That's where CSOUND POWER!: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE comes in....

Deluxe Encyclopedia of Guitar Chords

If you are only going to get one guitar chord book, make it this one! Thousands of chord forms are presented. Chords are presented in each key and numerous forms are shown for each type of chords. Chords are classified into melody forms, inside forms, rhythm forms and bottom four string forms. Each type of chord is shown in notation and it lists the name of each note and its function in the chord (root, third, seventh, etc.) Also, th...